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Fine Art Sitting

These sessions are truly something else! There not your typical everyday photo, they are such an incredible experience! All our fine art sessions are shot on a beautiful deep brown backdrop or a light beige and I'm always up for any ideas you may have! Getting creative is my absolute favorite thing to do, I could go on and on about them! Whether you have a life story you want me to capture in a photo, a significant milestone in life, or you simply just want a great experience creating some awesome art for your wall, they are such a self esteem booster for all ages. I've been told by kids its been the best day of there life, which makes me so happy! And to have you come in and trust in me to capture you in the most beautiful way is such an honor. Book one for yourself as a treat, for a growing baby bump, your kiddies, your parents, your bestie or make it a fun girls day out with your friends! your possibilities really are endless! These sessions are for any age, there is no age limit.  Get in touch to chat and lets create some amazing art work for your family home! 


If your booking one of these beautiful sessions for your growing bump, i highly recommend doing so between 30-36 weeks. Lets get creative and make some art!!!! This is the one time you get to do this! before long, baby will be earth side and  the pregnancy is all but a memory! 
These sessions can be designed completely to your taste! we can go for some tasteful nudes (the studio is very private with a locked door) we can use a beautiful silk fabric to drape over your body to create a flowy effect, we can go for a dress that is fitting or flowy, or you can simply wear jeans and a tee if you really want! these are your special portraits and I want you to have the best time ever creating them with me. You can make it all about you and come alone, maybe surprise the hubby with them! or bring hubby along to join in on the action and any other kiddies you have. 


These special sittings come in 2 amazing packages starting from just $550 with the option to add on a hair up by a local hair dresser who will come to the studio. 

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