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How do you pay your session with Laybuy?

Easy! I simply set up your order and you will receive a text message to confirm and your done!  

What can i use Laybuy for? 

You can use this for any orders over $200 with me to pay for your digitals or product. Just have a chat with me about what you are wanting and let me sort you out!  

How much can i put on Laybuy? 

This is up to your credit rating! Once you sign up they will give you a limit you can use. Make sure you get set up before ordering! 

What if i want more than my limit?

If your limit is lower than what you wanted to get, you can pay the difference.

How do i set up my Laybuy account?

Have a short scroll below and hit the "Learn more " button!  This will take you over to the Laybuy site to look around and get signed up! 

Once i have placed my order, how soon will i get my products? 

If it is digitals you purchased, you will get them the same day! For product, I always allow 2-3 weeks as all my frames and matted prints are custom made to order. 

Any other questions? 

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me 

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