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What do you really need for your new baby? 

We see so many new things pop up online these days for our newborns, but do we really need them?  I have gathered info from mums and compiled a list below of all there must have items!  I hope you find this helpful!  And feel free to let me know if you have found a must have item you think should be added to the list! 

Must have items for mum.....

1) Nipple cream ( you will thank me later)


2) Breast pads


3) sanitary pads...the big ones! 


4) A nipple shield 


5) Slippers ( saves bending down to put socks on around home! especially after a C-section)


6) Nighty with button up front to make feeding easier at night (my mum had to cut all mine about 10cm as i had no buttons! this is something i didn't think about) 


7) A good sized drink bottle to keep beside your bed! Being up in the night is thirsty work and we need plenty of water! Stainless steel ones are great as they keep a little cooler.


8) Big over sized knickers! these will become your best friend i swear!


9) Pull on stretch leggings 


10) A tri pillow! I know i used mine a lot! if it wasn't between my legs at night helping me get comfy, it was in the car on or the couch! a true life saver!!!! 

11) A good moisturizer or oil for the tummy! Sometimes the tummy can become really itchy During and after pregnancy and a little moisture can help relieve it!  

12) Breast feeding bras! I personally used the crop top style for comfort and convenience, but i know you can get some pretty amazing feeding bras these days!

13) Headbands! There's nothing worse than hair in your face when you are feeding your new baby! if it falls down into your face and both your hands are occupied you spend ages trying to blow it away! so definitely have one on hand!

14) A bracelet....weird right? but there's a reason for it! When we are feeding its easy to forget what breast we last fed off, so with the bracelet, place it on the wrist of the side you fed baby from last so you don't have to try remember! 

15) Belly support band! These are fantastic! and most midwifes should lend you one if you need one but they definitely help support your growing bump and ease the pressure a little. 

16) Hot water bottle or wheat bag to help with pain from cramps and discomfort 

17) Lip balm! dry lips are very common! 

18) Easy grab snack basket! Sometimes being stuck under a sleeping baby makes it hard to hop up to get a snack, so keep some close by wherever you spend the most time so you can keep your feet up and make life that little bit easier! 

19) A haakaa breast pump! I am in no way being paid to say this, its a genuine review from me and many others! it was also a life saver! its not like any other pump its literally a piece of rubber that collects milk while you feed on the opposite side to help stop engorgement   AMAZING INVENTION  

20) A great support crew on hand! Becoming a new mum is a lot to get used to! and having those amazing people in your life to help you out is a must! never be afraid to ask for help or accept help as hard as it is sometimes! 

Must Have Items For Baby....

1) Plenty of wash clothes! 

2) cotton balls! These are great to dip into warm water for cleaning around the belly button while it heals, and there eyes when there a little crusty! 

3) A bassinet! Some mums go straight to a cot, but I'm my opinion, a bassinet first is such a life saver! you can wheel it around the house to always have baby with you and pull it up next to the bed for night times so you can be close to them. there also mostly foldable which means going away somewhere you can take it wit you!

4) bedding! When you pick your bedding, never buy fleece! as cute as some of those little blankets are, there not good for baby! they make them to hot and sweaty and babies cant regulate there temperature when there small so rely on us Mumma's to keep them just right! so go for wool or cotton! 

5) A car mirror! These are little mirror's that hang on the headrest so while babies backward facing you can still keep an eye on them! 

6) Burp cloths! No one wants a big milky spew down there back! most burp clothes are thick and long to drape right over the shoulder to protect you from those wee accident's

7) White noise machine! These help baby drift off to sleep! just like us adults, sometimes we need something in the background to help us fall asleep! 

8)Baby Monitors! Baby monitors are amazing! these days a lot now have cameras on them and a wicked range! it means you can sit and eat dinner knowing baby is asleep and not upset i swear they keep us more relaxed in a way! even going out to the mailbox or to hang some washing its good to know you can take your time without that worry.

9) Easy Onesies! I call zip up onesies and tie bottom onesies the easy onesies! when its low light at night and your changing a nappy i swear its a massive challenge trying to line up a thousand poppers in the dark! highly recommend a quick zip up or tie up hands down! 

10) woolen hats a botties ! These are a must for those little bundles they lose most of there heat from there head and feet so keeping them in wool helps them stay warm.

11) Pacifier (aka the dummy) Even if you don't plan to use one, you should have one tucked away on hand just in case! you never know when you might need that little sucker even if its just for a moment!

12) bottles! Again, you should always have one on hand! even if you plan to breast feed! its an item you should have away for a middle of the night emergency for instance if you have really sore nipples and just cannot put baby back on you can pump a little milk and feed through the bottle or give a little top up of formula 

13) Formula sachets!  You might be planning to breast feed, but sometimes things happen or they just need that little bit extra! keep a couple of small sachets away for a backup! And also remember formula is just as good as breast don't let anyone put you down for it! 

14) Capsule cover! I wouldn't normally have said this was a necessity, but given the recent covid on goings, i think its a great idea to keep any bugs from people in passing from getting to the baby! they also stop people from touching! which no one wants right? 

15) Wipes wipes and more wipes! Yes babies poop ALOT so have plenty on hand! reusable ones are great and save money in the long run! 

16) Nappies! I was always a disposable nappy mum, but recently have seen reusable nappies and my o my i recommend! they are so easy to use these days not how I imagined them (with the pins lol) do your research on them! But no shame in disposable if you decide there not for you! 

17) A bath support! it is so hard trying to hold onto a newborn covered in soap with one arm while you wash with the other! these supports give you 2 free hands to make bath time so much easier! 

18) A gentle baby wash! There's no need to use a heap of soaps on your baby, warm water is sufficient! but if your like me and love that fresh clean baby smell, then I recommend an all in one body wash that's gentle on the skin. 1 bottle is plenty and will last a very long time! 

19) A baby bag! Going out is a bit more of an effort now! so a big decent sized baby bag is a must! fill it with spare clothes nappies and all those emergency items and keep it in the boot of the car! 

20) A decent stroller! Do your research on these as there are so many on the market! the 3 wheelers are the best as they can go in a lot more places than the smaller four wheeled prams! 

21) Car seat! Most baby shops will be able to clue you up on the best to buy! 

22) Milk storage bags! If you are pumping, you will need these little beauty's to keep that sacred milk clean and safe! 

23) Clothing! You really don't need much at first! babies grow so so fast and before you can blink an eye there in the next size up! 

24) Baby book! Its so cool to look back later on in life and see how little they were! a baby book can be filled up with all the precious moments in there first years along with photos and hand prints! 

25) A Cuddly! This doesn't sound important, but while at the end of your pregnancy, you can start cuddling the blanket/soft toy and holding it and putting it with you in bed to soak up all your sent! then once baby comes it can be kept close by so they can smell you to help them stay settled when you pop them down in there bed etc. I swore by my kids cuddlee's my 4 year old and 12 year old still sleep with there's

26) Bath towel! A baby bath towel with a little hood! you can wrap them up and cover there little head to keep them warm as soon as they get out of the bath. Baby towels seem to be so much softer than the normal big towels! 

27) A baby bath! These aren't really used for long, but they are handy! you can pop them up on the kitchen table to save bending over the normal big bath and take a lot less water! I've even seen some cool collapsible ones on the market! 

28) Nail clippers! Babies nails get pretty long and scratchy! so baby safety clippers are the way to go! there so tiny and cute! 


Sam xxx

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